Healing Begins Here

The Spices & Herbs

All of our products have a purposeful and functional blend of medicinal herbs & spices. We start with the purpose of the product and add in other elements and ingredients that will enhance the function as well as the flavor.

The Ingredients

Uncompromisingly 100% Organic. We choose the highest integrity ingredients because your body deserves the best. Whether you are working on healing from a chronic illness or on a prevention plan we've got you covered with the best.

Our Story

Healing isn't a fad. It's a lifelong commitment. 

We firmly believe that everyone wants to be and feel healthy. And so, our mission is to provide access to delicious hand-crafted therapeutic products that are nutritionally sound with the best ingredients. All our beverages are gluten, dairy, corn, soy and egg free - for good reason. These allergens could cause trouble in your body - adding to inflammation - and since these ingredients are harder to trace back to their source, and we love transparency in all our foods we just eliminate them completely.